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A study on triple negative breast cancer

Authors: Dr. Arun Ajay, Dr. Priya Radhakrishnan

Worldwide breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed life threatening cancer in women and a leading cause of cancer death among women....

A voyage through Gray’s Anatomy

Authors: Dr. B.Ekbal

In the fascinating book The Anatomist: A True Story of Gray's Anatomy (Ballantine Books 2007) Bill Hayes sets on a voyage to record the making of Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray(1827-1861) and the illustrator medico Henry Vandyke Carter (1831-1897). ...

Conundrum of MBBS Admissions

Authors: Dr. YM Fazil Marickar

Year after year, medical admissions in Kerala are becoming murkier and murkier, thanks to the inefficiency, corruption and lack of vision among all the parties involved. The problem can be solved very easily. ...

August 2017 Vol 24 | No. 2

Chief Editor:
Dr. Y M Fazil Marickar

Dr. M S Sulfekar
Dr Madhu Muralee

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